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Affordable Legal Cost Coverage Protection insurance allows you to focus on your case rather than your costs.


Plaintiff attorneys like you, fund litigation expenses with a line of credit. Annually there is over $150 million of unreimbursed litigation expense left on the table. We provide a solution to strengthen you negotiating position and a plaintiff’s ability to access the US Justice System and avoid having unsecured lines of credit with financial institution.


  • Providing a product to underwrite the legal expenses from the risk of failed litigation with limits of $125-50,000 exposure per case.

  • Securing a line of credit.

  • Tax deductible premiums.

  • Bridging the exposure of retaining expert witnesses, medial and TBD costs and place you in a stronger negotiating position for your firm and your client.


  • An insurance policy is issued as a master contract to an individual law firm.

  • Each new client case submitted and qualified by the law firm will have 15 days from acceptance of the case to advise us of the named insured and dollar limits requesting.

  • Issued amounts range from $125 – $50,000 which include costs for:

    • Documented payments to third parties
    • Loans and advances to clients are excluded
    • Minimum of %50 of eligible costs must be insured
  • Premiums are collected monthly with a report of total cases “engaged” during the preceding month whether covered in the policy or not.

  • Place your firm in the advantage position by having the resources necessary to obtain:

    • Accident Reports
    • Maintenance Records
    • Post Accident Investigation Records
    • Statements of your client

    Many times your client doesn’t know what has been documented in their medical files. That is vital information you need to know before Subpoena power is enacted.

    That is vital information you need to know before Sopena power is enacted.

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